Planet Nowhere EP



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Electronic EP released summer of 2017, focusing on controversial politics and American culture


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Planet Nowhere

June 2017

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Hey. I'm ColorCult.

I make synth & electronic dark pop music. Almost all of my music is comprised of electronically-produced instruments, though I do love playing guitar and sometimes introduce that into my compositions.

I try not to take myself or my music too seriously, even when I sometimes focus on serious topics. My first EP released, Planet Nowhere, was created to be a mockery of many Americans' priorities and their heavy focus on conspiracy theories despite the need for that attention to be focused elsewhere. My next album, Taxidermy (to be released in 2021), will focus on lighter, more personal themes.

If you enjoy what I produce, I'd love to hear your feedback. Follow me on twitter or send me a DM to let me know what you think.

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